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Thursday, January 10, 2008

Mr Bagel is Back

Yes its true, despite a spectacular absence of blogging for over two months, Mr Bagel has returned.
Mr Bagel has been 'moving' from a remote country location to a more civilised part of Australia.

Moving has required Mr Bagel to do five seperate trips of over 2,000kms each, despite selling what we thought was almost all of our worldly possesions, we still had to do five trips to move our 'personal belongings'. Which raises one very valid point, how personal can 5 trailers worth of belongings be? Do you think Mr Bagel might just be a horder? mmm?

Anyway after selling all our furniture we have been rushing around buying beds and fridges and lounges and just about everything else required to life a civilised life. Now that Mr Bagel has moved to civilisation he has decided to stop talking to the soccer ball with a wig. (Tom Hanks.)

We've only been in town a week but, living where there are shops, and services is such a refreshing break from living hours away from the most basic shopping. Its taking some adjustment, I generally spoke to about 3 peaople a month where I lived, now I see hundreds a day.

Mr Bagel: Thank you to all the well wishers and the emails I received


Sunday, September 23, 2007

A Bagel Phone holder?

Functional art with a sense of humor! An incredibly realistic cell phone holders are cast of a very dense resin and meticulously hand painted. The result is a remarkably lifelike (yet heavy) resin sculpture that just happens to hold any standard cell phone. When charging, the cord can easily pass under the phone holder and reach the base of the phone.

Ok this is just one weird phone holder. There's little doubt that you'll be the only one loony enough to use this in the office. If it takes your fancy you can get it from Cleverwares for $13.20


Thursday, April 12, 2007

Home of Mr Bagel Shop

This is the Future home of Mr Bagel Shop
It is currently under construction.


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